Home Computers

At DESC Computers we believe in being able to rely on one company to give the service that you ask for. The assistance that you need and the confidence to know that you wont be left waiting for answers and minimal downtime. We assist in purchasing new systems and repair and maintenance of older systems. We setup, assist and support networking, repairs and upgrades. Remove viruses, spyware/malware, bloatware (pre-installed software that most of us don't use) and assist you in how to keep these at bay. We also offer tips and hint on how to use your computer without any technical "babble" - we speak English, not "geek language".


Business Computers

We understand many small businesses don’t have the luxury of internal IT staff? We can provide that service to you at a fraction of the cost, so you can focus on what you do best your core business. We have been assisting many of our clients since 2004 in how best to use their IT systems to grow their business with ease. We can help you get the best value of your business without the overheads or worry of trying to do it yourself.

We certainly don't promise the world, just reasonable, reliable and affordable service!


Microsoft | Telstra Phone Scam

Think about this - would you let a man that knocks on your front door and says he is from Microsoft into your home to look at your computer - No? Then don't let them do it remotely!

Apple Support

Need help with your device - need to know how to back it up, photo's off - update it ?

Virus Prevention

Can viruses really be prevented - yes is the answer - read how ?

Social Media

Tips for the popular social networking website - Facebook

Ninite Updater

Want to update your computer without all the toolbars etc ?

Fees & Charges

Find out our standard rates of charge quickly and easily.