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Our Services

At DESC Computers we offer a wide range of services. New Computers or laptops, removing viruses and spyware. ESET Antivirus program reseller, phone and tablet support and website design

Website Design

We create clean, professional websites, designed to be highly compatible with a wide range of browsers. We specialise in providing complete website development solutions for small, medium and large businesses, personal or hobby websites. We offer a wide range of professional website design, development, programming, hosting and domain name registration services

Virus Prevention

We live in a world were 80% of the modern world relies on one form of technology or more. Be it computers, tablets, iPhone, android or iPad. Every one of these pieces of technology are vulnerable to Malware. At DESC Computers we offer a wide range of services to prevent and or remove most types of Malware. As we all know, prevention IS the best cure.

Apple iSupport

Being iPhone and iPad users, we have probably come across most of the problems associated with the products, including finding out how to fix them. We offer comprehensive training of the how, when where and why's of Apple support. How do I update my iPhone/iPad without losing everything? How do I backup my iPhone/iPad? How do I take the photos OFF my iPhone/iPad? My emails won't send on my device? and much much more ...

Remote Assistance

At DESC Computers, we want to provide a service that is hard to find elsewhere. We want to be able to help you the client in a way that is noninvasive to you as possible. We believe that sometime just logging into your system, we can fix your problems quickly and easily without taking major time out of your day or night. Internet access is a MUST!