Our “business” first opened its doors in early 2003 as a hobby of passion. Our client base grew steadily and in 2004 we registered as a Sole Trader – DESC Computers – why DESC so many people ask?

D = Daniel
E = Elizabeth
S = Susan
C = Chris

We did shuffle the name around quite a bit. SECD – girls first then the boys, but Daniel pointed out that that name when sounded out loud, might pull in a “different” sort of clientele so after another few shuffles DESC seem very befitting as laptop computers were only a small part of the business then and DESKTOP were the way of the times.

Obviously as time went on, laptop, desktops, tablets, iPad and phones all took off – and so did we with it.

Forever a “Windows” girl I could never ever EVER see me looking at another operating system. A bit like a Holden driver owning a Ford. Never going to happen – EVER !!!!  Over the past 12 months (2016/2017) we have ventured to the world of Apple Mac – what a learning curve and adventure. One I have enjoyed immensely – I even own now an iMac and a MacBook Pro 🙂



Business Registration Certificates

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