Thank You from DESC Computers

Thank You from DESC Computers

I would like to thank everyone that has contacted us here at DESC Computers this year for their support! We wouldn’t be here without you.

I would like to take this chance to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

May you enjoy your time with your family and friends and remember those that cannot be with us on these special times, especially our dearly departed loved ones!

Stay Safe and Enjoy !!

Happy Santa Letter Children

Happy Santa Letter Children

Well the first lot of Santa Letters (and a couple of Elf on the Shelf) have been received and boy oh boy have the children been happy with them and the parents!!

If you want to order your very own Santa Letter – please place your order HERE


Kiani, Grace & Tilly

Shari – Her Children Were Very Happy

A very happy customer – Thanks Shari



Letters to Rylan & Evie

We Did It – Have You ?

We Did It – Have You ?

As everyone knows we like to be with or ahead of the game here at DESC Computers even if that means with a new operating system.

The new IOS 11.0 was released from Apple today for their devices

First thing we did here was our iPad’s – Just in case – and guess what – we couldn’t WAIT to do our phones!!!! The update is great and has some really cool features. The ones that we like here are


Screen Shots are now really manageable – you can take a shot – write on it quickly etc. and then text it, email it, save it to Dropbox or whatever you want to do it and then it doesn’t automatically save. You can now dump it straight away without it clogging up the memory of your phone


The next thing we really liked was the live photos and what you can do with them !! Live. Loop. Bounce. Long Exposure – oh what fun!!



BUT BE WARNED!!! – if you have outdated apps that are a “OMG what am I going to do without them” – don’t do the update until you find another similar. Most people know that I am a weather freak! I have about 10 apps on my iPhone to tell me what the weather is doing. Yes I know I can look outside but hey – I’m weird! This is the message you get when you try and load the apps



Oh and I forgot to mention the knew control centre screen – pretty nifty I recon 🙂 Fully customised now. Really Exciting. Below are what can be turned on/off – Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls



One of the great features that I think is essential for women and men who walk/jog etc alone – the EMERGENCY CALL feature – tapping the side button about 5 times repeatedly and it will call 000 – it does give you the option to cancel the call to 000 and a siren warning you that it is about to call. You can cancel the 000 call and then ring your list of emergency contacts if you wish.- but wow – great one Apple!!
Settings > Emergency SOS > Auto Call – you can even turn off the warning alarm






Who’s Excited ?

Who’s Excited ?

Here at DESC Computers we are excited. A new iPhone is to be released and we WANT it !!

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are open to pre-orders on now with the release of the phones on Friday September 22nd.

If you are like us, we are waiting for the iPhone X or Ten, whatever you wish to call it – the release date for the X is Friday November 3rd, but pre-orders start at 6:01pm AEDT on October 27th – not that we are counting down the time – oh boy are we counting down the time!!!

Why are we choosing the X ? In our opinion why upgrade to something similar to what we have (we have the iPhone 7) that look and feel the same. Yes, we know it’s faster and slimmer and blah blah but we want the new NEW one! Like all gadgets, we like to BE THERE FIRST !

If you want to compare the 8 to the 10 below is an article that we found the most useful



FaceBook TALKED to me!

FaceBook TALKED to me!

PopUp on Facebook

Like everyone, I love looking around Facebook. All the cute cats (yes, I am a cat crazy person), good luck stories, bad luck stories, stories and pictures of friends and family – absolutely everything that is out there for the world to see!

The other night I decided to read a “feel good story” – next thing I know a man is telling me through my speakers that my computer has been blocked!

He tells me that I can’t shut the browser or my computer will shut down and never start again and that I need to contact Microsoft immediately before I lose everything.

Well blow me down with a feather – I decided to tempt fate and all that there is holy – I CLOSED THE BROWSER!

What happened next just took my breath away –  NOTHING! Why did nothing happen? I have ESET Internet Security and it grabbed the trojan as it was trying to access my computer and deleted the file. No Harm, No Foul! It did pop up a really nice image that “could have been” Microsoft – but it wasn’t

Beware what you click on when surfing the net. It can look harmless enough – but is it really ?

I use a couple of things to keep my (and my clients) computers safe – Addons to my browsers

WOT – Web of Trust – it works like a traffic light – showing what the rating of the websites are.

  • Green – Safe
  • Amber – Be Careful
  • Red – STOP!!

ABP – Adblock Plus – stops those annoying Pop-Ups – but it can sometimes block good popups too – so you do need to be aware!


Fake Microsoft Trojan