The Aftermath of Santa’s Letters

The Aftermath of Santa’s Letters

Rylan’s Letter

The Santa letters this year were amazing. From something that started as letters for my Great Nieces (3 of them in 2014) to 48 letters this year! Wow – Santa sure was busy 🙂 The way it went this year – you better get in early for 2017 Christmas is you want to receive a special letter from Santa.

I have had some amazing feedback – thank you everyone!

Lovely emails and messages but I wanted to share with you the video that a friend sent of her special time with her partner and son. Santa’s letter hinted at a special surprise for Rylan (wait for the end of the video – priceless) – Thank you again Rikki for allowing us to share this with your family

Other Feedback from happy families

Just wanted to thank you so much for the Santa Letters. The kids were so excited and couldn’t believe they all got a special letter from Santa. They all believed 100% the letters were from him. Marie read them out one by one with each child sitting on her knee, the look on their little faces was priceless. There were 12 adult sitting and watching and many of them had tears just watching the magic, it was so special.

Thanks again Santa you made our day xxx


Hello Santa,

Thank you for the magic letters, the boys especially Logan were delighted with their Santa Letters. His eyes almost popped from his head when he found out Santa knew he watched too much T.V . Brandon thought it funny that Santa thinks a lot like his mum – lol! He was delighted Santa thought I was on the naughty list. OHHHHH and those glitter elves, I love glitter even it’s all over my kitchen and even had it on my face, I’m sure I was a Bower Bird in a  past life. 



Thank You! Thank You! Two little ladies very excited by Elf Glitter! Beautiful letters, Kiani will get hers when she comes home from school today X

Grace & Tilly

Thank you for being so thoughtful and arranging Santa to write to Annabelle. We loved it – so did she!


Mikaila was a very happy little girl receiving her letter. Thank you


Santa Letters

Santa Letters

Well it’s that time of year again that the big fat jolly man is arriving at peoples homes on Christmas Eve – December 24th

If your child would like to receive a letter from the man himself, please send me your child’s name (grandchild, friends name relative, God Child) address and age as I am a very close friend of Santa’s I can arrange this letter – See below the video of beautiful Rylan receiving his letter last year and others receiving theirs.


Is Your Antivirus the BEST?

Is Your Antivirus the BEST?

At DESC we are a Reseller of ESET Antivirus – Why? It’s the Best! We have been using ESET for about 15 years and have watched the program grow. NEVER have we been hit with a virus on any of our systems – and 99% of our clients are the same way – except for those that decided to open attachments and ignore what ESET says to them and away the virus goes.

Have a read of the link below and see if your antivirus meet ESET – bet it won’t come close

ESET vs Competition 


ESET technology will keep your hardware and software performing as it should.

ESET have hundreds of people around the world working hard every day so your computers, tablets, smartphones and servers are properly protected. All with minimal impact on their performance.

Want to buy ESET – Have a look at our pricing and contact us for a 30 day free trial

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home

Do you ever feel like leaving the world behind and just taking a break. Well that’s what we are doing at DESC Computers – we are on a break. We return the 23rd November.

Left the city behind and headed for the country. Celebrating our friends 50th birthday and celebrating life. Farm life at its best. Just me, sun, cats and chickens – at least today it is.

Whatever you are doing – enjoy. We are!

Our New Home

Our New Home

Welcome – we have redesign our site to make it USER FRIENDLY. You can now search our site for anything that you need help with. Have a virus – search for how to solve it – how to prevent it – how to GET RID OF IT!

Please bear with us as some of our pages are – – – just not there. Terrible thing to do but my clients sites and computers MUST come first!

Our website creations are new and exciting. Some great new clients for us to expand our horizons with.

Sporting Clubs are wonderful people that we are dealing with on a regular basis now. Hadfield Sporting Club, East Keilor Football Club and Keilor Park Sporting Clubs new websites for 2017 are in the making.