Personal Computers

computer.jpgIn the home, we rely heavily on technology to keep our lives organised and keep everyone going in the right direction. We store important files, family photographs, scheduling, entertain ourselves, do our banking and keeping in touch with loved ones using computers.

At DESC Computers we believe in being able to rely on one company to give the service that you ask for. The assistance that you need and the confidence to know that you wont be left waiting for answers and minimal downtime. We assist in purchasing new systems and repair and maintenance of older systems. We setup, assist and support networkingrepairs and upgrades. Remove viruses, spyware, malware and bloatware (pre-installed software that most of us don’t use) and assist you in how to keep these at bay. We also offer tips and hint on how to use your computer without any technical “babble” – we speak English, not “geek language”.

We have been building and servicing computers and laptops since 2004 so you know you’re getting quality service you can trust. Specialising in restoring your computer to like new without affecting your files. DESC Computers can breathe new life into your tired and slow PC. Honest, reliable and affordable. We will work with you to achieve your desired outcome whether that is minor repairs or a new custom built PC designed specifically for your needs.

‘Windows Refresh Service’

Re-installing Windows should be a last resort as you then have to restore your files and programs and get things back to how you like them! Our Windows Refresh Service leaves all your files, settings and programs intact so when you get your PC back, it’s just like it was – only better! We scan for rogue programs (such as toolbars, supposed optimisers etc) and if they are a threat, we remove them.  We also remove unnecessary bloatware, run a full virus and malware scan then defragment your hard drive. We then optimise the start-up so only the essential programs start and then give the system a good test to make sure all is well. As a bonus we also clean the inside of your case to get all the cobwebs and gunk out. What you get back is a PC that not only performs like new but it looks new as well!  Of course there are times where a PC is beyond a Refresh and a re-install is the only option.  The good news is that you don’t have to pay for two services, the cost of the Refresh will be waived when reinstallation is require