Sales + Repairs

pc_repairs1.jpgDESC Computers has been building, selling and servicing PC’s
since 2004 so you know you’re getting quality service you can trust. Specialising in restoring your computer to like new without affecting your files, DESC Computers can breathe new life into your tired and slow PC. If that can’t be done, we can recommend what you need to upgrade to a new computer.

Honest, reliable and affordable, DESC Computers will work with you to achieve your desired outcome whether that is minor repairs or a new custom built PC designed specifically for your needs.


‘Windows Refresh Service’

pc_repairsRe-installing Windows should be a last resort as you then have to restore your files and programs and get things back to how you like them! Our Windows Refresh Service leaves all your files, settings and programs intact so when you get your PC back, it’s just like it was – only better! We scan for rogue programs (such as toolbars,
supposed optimisers etc) and if they are a threat, we remove them.  We also remove unnecessary bloatware, run a full virus and malware scan then defragment your hard drive. We then optimise the start-up so only the essential programs start and then give the system a good test to make sure all is well. As a bonus we also clean the inside of your case to get all the cobwebs and gunk out. What you get back is a PC that not only performs like new but it looks new as well!  Of course there are times where a PC is beyond a Refresh and a re-install is the only option.  The good news is that you don’t have to pay for two services, the cost of the Refresh will be waived when re-installation is required. If you don’t proceed the original fee will be payable.

PC not working as it should or at all? Once on site we work quickly to diagnose the problem and establish a plan of action to correct technology issues and get your devices back to work with minimal downtime.

DESC Computers prides itself on customer service so you can rest assured that whatever the problem is, you will be given an honest appraisal of your machine plus where possible, different options.

  • Make your computer and network faster
  • Remove viruses and spyware
  • Configure a network to share files and printers
  • Configure a backup for your important files
  • Recover lost or deleted data
  • Setup new equipment including tablets and Smartphone
  • Secure your computers and network


Computer and Laptop Sales

At DESC Computers we can offer you a varied range of desktop and laptop computers.

We ask what your requirements will be for your new system, source the best possible solutions around for your needs and pricing structure and then offer you our recommendations.

All our computers are custom made to your requirements. None of the pre-built, pre-installed systems. You are probably asking yourself why anyone would need to have a PC built for their own use. After all, you can buy a cheap computer in almost any retail store.

If cost is your only consideration, you are probably better off buying one of those cheaper machines with components of no name brand items inside and pre-installed bloatware filled software. But if you would like genuine products, with genuine names, then building your PC gives us total control over the quality of the components.

We are not always the cheapest around, but we can tell you this – we offer a an after sales service that can’t be beat!

Not only do we get you what you need, we recommend software that will help you out, and we set up the system for you in your home or office – included in the price !

Questions we ask about YOUR Computer needs!pc_sales.jpg

  • The speed of the processor – what is required of the computer that you will be using.

  • How much memory is required – What programs do you wish to run and how many at one time?

  • How much hard drive storage is required – lots of photo’s and music or just data?

  • Do you require an Solid State Drive (SSD) – this would probably mean 2 drives. The operating system on the SSD and your data kept on the other drive. SSD’s are built for speed!

  • DVD Rom/Burner – for data backup and copying of your personal items – do you need one ?

  • Is a Video card required – really ? Most people say “oh yes” but unless dual screens, gaming and video editing is a thing that you do, most computers come these days with really good video components.

  • Is the PC going to be wired or wireless ? Where is your computer going to be in relation to your modem/router. A distance or very close by

  • If wireless, is your router capable of the the wireless range or do you need a range extender to carry the signal to where the computer will be?

  • What software is required ? Operating system choices. Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Professional (for major networking purposes) Windows 8.1 or Windows 10